After twelve years of research, consultations, colloquiums, and congress, François Asselin, Quebec geographer and Francisca Cruz Sánchez, Cuban paediatrician , are greatly pleased to bring you an innovative project, universal and international in scope, to train future parents in regards to children’s essential psychological needs.

Thanks to qualified volunteer translators, to whom we are very grateful, our three books, including one which is illustrated for the benefit of teachers and students, are available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

These books are found in more than 6 locations, read in 30 countries by health and social work professionals, as well as by many members of the general public. Since2009, more than 15 000 emails accompanied by various informative and working documents have been transmitted and 17 000 professionals now follow the project’s developments through the CODAJIC and ALAPE Facebook pages.

All three books can be accessed at: formacionfututospadres.com

Having originated in Quebec, this project drew the attention and support of many organizations. We are also aware that the topic is of interest within universities dedicated to social science research and which are able to sustain discussions on the topic as a whole.


  • Cuban Health Minister’s Adolescent Health Care Advisory Group
  • ADOLECA 2017 International Symposium, Cienfuegos Cuba
  • United Nations organisations: UNICEF, UNFPA
  • Cuban Society for Family Development (SOCUDEF)
  • Latin America, Italy, and Caribbean Youth and Adolescent Confederation (CODAJIC)
  • Comite de Adolescencia de la Asociacion latinoamericana de Pediatra (ALAPE)
  • Congreso International de Neurodesarollo y Rehabilitacion temprana,
  • CINAT, 2018, Varadero, Cuba
  • 28th Paediatric Congress, Havana, Cuba.
  • IV Simposio Academico sobre las adicciones, CEDRO, 2019, Havana, Cuba
collaborating institutions
UN abd book fair

Author: François Asselin


2009-2016 Research on long-term prevention of suicide and distress.

1990-2009 Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Immigration Counselor, Responsible for customer service.

1988-1990 University of Quebec in the Outaouais, Marco Council: elaboration of an international exchange program.

Author: Dra. Francisca Cruz Sánchez


1974 Graduated in Medicine from the University of Havana

1983 First degree specialist in Pediatrics, Havana City

1990 Second degree specialist in Pediatrics, City of Havana

2007 Master’s Degree in Comprehensive Child Care

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